About Us

Total Solution For Your Business Needs

We are a one-stop shop for all store displays, store fixtures, store supplies and signage systems. We have over 2,000 items in stock at competitive prices with the best selection to ensure that we will be able to fulfill your store fixture requirements. We also provide customized services from concept to completion, as well as comprehensive metal-works, welding and millwork to satisfy all your display and signage needs.

Our products can be easily found all over the world including North America and Europe. We provide a full-customized service for product design, comprehensive metal work, and acrylic fabrication at a competitive price. We also provide a complete product manufacturing capability including powder coating, plastic fabrication, CNC machining, punching machining, bending machinery and shear machining, all of which can produce a wide variety of products.

Providing B2B services From Standard Sign Products to Customized Solutions

Our professional team is diverse and dynamic providing a range of products from standard products to custom designed displays. We ship locally and export globally to satisfy all your display and signage needs. The production facilities provide professional services from concept to completion to ensure that every need is met beyond expectation and within budget.

Today, our own product lines, supply chains, sales and design teams to support a variety of innovative products. These products include floor sign holders, flag holders, sidewalk sign holders, acrylic displays, realty signs, and many more.

Custom Service and Special Order

Our own manufacturer, marketing department, research department and warehouse provide full line services for in stock items, customized products and special orders from small quantities to volume orders.